17 December 2005

Raison d'etre

I opened this Blogger account in June of 2005 -- six months ago as I write this. I think I was going to use it as an online repository of my to-do list, which is waaaay to big for my own good. Whatever my reasoning was then, it didn't stick.

Just now, I read for the first time Cory Doctorow's article, "My Blog, My Outboard Brain". Typically for him, Doctorow hit the nail on the head: he's an infovore (ditto here), if he bookmarks things he never goes back to consult them like he meant to (ditto), but through the use of blog technology he can let the computer do what it does best by searching things out for him. Well, here I am, finally making something of this Blogger account.

Here's my little breakthrough, as I understand it now: In the past I had read too many blogs (and too many articles about the blogosphere) that brought to light what bloggers were trying to achieve in terms making money, or bringing about political change, or whatever it is they're after. None of these seemed that great to me, for reasons I won't go into now. But Doctorow's article suggested what blogging could do for me -- which I guess gets me back to my original (apparently uninspiring) idea of using it for a to-do list.

So . . . thanks, Cory. I hope I can return the favor of a good idea some day.


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