30 January 2006

Decision: Jeff Bewkes.

I'm fascinated by Jeff Bewkes, the #2 guy at Time Warner who headed up the HBO hit factory in the 1990s/early 2000s. Fortune has a short feature on him near the bottom of this page.

Key excerpt relevant to the faculty of decision:
"I don't want to make somebody uncomfortable by being frank," he says. "But you're trying to find as much transparency as you can. It's an interesting combination to be as open as you can and as loose as you can, but you must make decisions as fast as possible. You keep the decisions transparent, and that allows you to correct them, because nobody figures this stuff out in one shot. My theory is iteration: You go, you talk, you act, and you check back on how did it work. You adjust course as you go, and it turns out that's the fastest way to move. So you're always moving and you're always deciding and you're always getting new information. You can actually provoke information by doing things that you can't figure out if you just sit there thinking."
Bewkes's idea of constant decisions and constant feedback meshes well with the concept of O.O.D.A.


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