29 January 2006

Presentations: At all costs, never be dull.

There is no excuse for a dull presentation. This is true despite the prevalent use of PowerPoint in corporate and academic settings, and despite the inherent flaws in the cognitive style of PowerPoint. Here are some examples of what a good PowerPoint presentation can be.

--Lawrence Lessig on copyright. (Augmented by this interview with Cliff Atkinson.)
--Dick Hardt on secure identity software.
--A summary on Masayoshi Takahashi's compelling presentation method.
--A summary of Tom Peters on "Presentation Excellence".

As the last two references will suggest, Garr Reynolds's blog is excellent for those in the business of making presentations. Cliff Atkinson also has a helpful Web site on presentations, and his accompanying book is useful.

When in doubt: Read more Tufte.


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