28 January 2006

Prolificity: John Creasey

I've never read his work--I'm not much for mysteries these days--yet I remain fascinated by the career of John Creasey, who toiled through more than 700 rejection slips in his early years to become one of the most prolific writers in history. During his long career, he published 562 books under his own name and several pseudonyms.

Far from undermining the quality of his work, Creasey's prolificity aided his development as a writer, so that his oeuvre was eventually compared to Balzac's Comedie Humaine.

On this page, Keith Miles offers a quick introduction to Creasey's work.
How did he get started?

In a blizzard of over seven hundred rejection slips.

How did he achieve so enormous an output?

By producing 10.000 words a day, a book a week, not stopping for time-wasting research, - "Write first then research"- and relying on devoted editors to supply corrections for two rewrites...

This site offers more detail, including individual pages for several of Creasey's long-running series of novels.


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