10 February 2006

"All of the biggest hurdles are internal."

I enjoyed this BusinessWeek interview, "Failure Is Part of Success," with serial entrepreneur Nicholas Hall. My favorite part was this:
Q: What's the biggest lesson you learned from failing?
A: How costly it is if you take yourself out of the game. It's like what they say about the stock market -- that you don't know when the gains will come, but you get luckier often if you stay in the game vs. trying to figure out when to get in the game. If you fail, you have to bounce back.
Are you like me? How much time in your life have you wasted wondering when you should step onto the dance floor? Just get up and dance!


Blogger Augustus said...

That's a great food for thought. Thanks! You are absolutely right . "If you can conquer fear, you can conquer anything".

7:46 PM  

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