08 February 2006

Creator: Christopher Lloyd ("Hurrah for vulgarity!")

If I could read only one thing out of The Economist each week, it would be the obituary. The best news magazine in English has long held up the model of what an obituary can be. Like the writing of English cricket commentators, Economist obituaries remind us why the the British have been so indispensable in the history of journalism.

A-a-anyway, this week's obituary (which you should read soon, if you want to avoid looking at an advertisement in order to see it) discusses the life of the recently departed Christopher Lloyd, the dean of English gardeners. Lloyd found his One Thing--gardening--early in life, and he wrote about it eloquently. He was so popular in no small part because he was so shocking. But he was shocking in the service of deriving pleasure from the garden, which is as it should be.

Some of the rules for your own One Thing are there for good reasons; others aren't. Find out which are which, and flout the meaningless ones with abandon. Share your joy in your One Thing with the rest of the world. Amen.


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