19 February 2006

Housekeeping: Please help me take over the world.

You may notice, gentle readers, that I have finally installed a hits counter in the sidebar to the right. I neglected to do this in my first few weeks of blogging, figuring it would be technically involved. In the event, it took one visit to StatCounter and a mere ten minutes of my time--and I work slowly with HTML.

So, as I write this, I can see seven--count 'em, seven--unique visitors have graced TWOB with their presence in the past 26 hours or so. Talkin' 'bout some site traffic, is all I'm sayin'.

When I installed the counter, I had a choice of how many digits to include. The default is eight, so I stuck with that. This means I'm all set until I hit my hundred-millionth site visitor.

Well, I don't expect you to go round up a hundred million, or even one million, unique visitors for me. But I can see from my StatCounter chart thingy that I've had 38 page views (including one since I started this post!) since yesterday. A quick visit to Instapundit reveals that it has received, oh 153-million-odd page views. (It got an extra 450 in the time it took me to type this paragraph.) Anything you can do to help me along in that direction would be appreciated.

What's useful or interesting to you about this blog? Would you be willing to tell two friends about it? If so, please do! If not, please tell me why!

Thank you, friends known and unknown. Enjoy your reading.


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