16 February 2006

Intake and output.

During my first few weeks of regular blogging, I hewed pretty closely to my personal standard of three posts per day. I figure that not all of my posts have to be the mini-essays I love so well; they can be a mix of long and short, of musings, links, and commonplaces. But over the past week, my output has been haphazard at best. Meanwhile, though, I've been reading--from blogs, books, magazines, you name it--at a pace even more frenetic than usual. I use "frenetic" advisedly, because there's a certain pointlessness to my reading when I get this way: instead of working my way through a particular idea, I flash through a hundred ideas without arriving at any sort of conclusion or application for my own life.

So now I'm back on the bandwagon of regular posting. My point in doing this isn't only to give you something new to ponder each day, gentle reader, but also to reinforce my own sense of chutzpah: It's the idea that what I have to say is more important--to me--than what someone else has to say. This is a tricky balancing act to pull off, since I believe that my own life is about interacting with others. This does imply listening--more and deeper listening than I usually pull off. But my real mission is to contribute to others. And while listening and absorbing is a key part of that, I can't use my own talents to contribute to the lives of others unless I produce.

As evidence of my own struggles to pull off this balancing act, I can look at both the million half-consumed, one-fifth-digested ideas I've encountered from others over the years, and even more so to the million unborn or stillborn ideas of my own that I've never put into the world. Plenty of my ideas aren't very consequential to anyone but me--which is fine. That's the nature of ideas. But all of those that have gone undeveloped or unexpressed, they're open loops that weigh on my mind.

My goal: improve the ratio between the many ideas I have and the ones I turn into something useful to share with others.

In other words: brace yourself for an onslaught of bloggery! :)


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