25 February 2006

Live every day as though it were your last.

This post from Seth Godin set me thinking . . . what if we lived every moment as though it might be our last? What if we engaged every challenge as though our lives depended on it?

My great-grandmother died early this morning in Georgia. She was old and full of years--she would have been 98 in two more weeks. She was a farm wife with a third-grade education, a devout Christian, mother of four, and one of the world's great cooks. Best I can tell, she watched the news every day for all the decades that she owned a television, and she had opinions about how the nation and the world was being run. She loved everybody, and everybody loved her back. We'll miss you, Ma Baines.

Not all of us will be so lucky.

Let me repeat something I quoted earlier: "Whatever you do, just make sure you throw every pitch with conviction." It's a good test: If you can do it with conviction, it's worth doing. If you can do it knowing that you're a terminal case, do it. We're going to be dead a long time; if you can't do whatever it is with a straight face while holding that thought in mind, then don't do it.


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