16 February 2006

Multiply yourself: Ask for help.

David Lorenzo's blog is a fount of encouragement and good sense, not just for those seeking "career intensity" in a business setting, but for anyone who wants to do more and do better what they love to do most. Lorenzo's own energy is obvious -- he often posts several times a day, and he talks sense.

"Asking for Help is Smart" is a great reminder that not only is there no reason to go it alone in this life, but also that going it alone is silly. Two great quotes jump out at me from Lorenzo's post: 1. "I would rather be thought of as a needy success than as a brilliant failure." 2. "If you don’t swallow your pride and you try to 'tough it out' in an area where you lack skill, knowledge or experience, you exponentially increase the likelihood you will fail."

This matches my personal experience and the events I've seen around me. How many times in my life have I wasted my time, energy, and serenity by trying to do something that I simply wasn't up to doing? It could be a lack of training, or experience, or aptitude, or motivation, but whatever the case, even the most omnicompetent people have something that they ought to farm out to others. This is why I no longer change the oil in my cars myself: the guys at the garage do it all day, every day; they do it much faster and better than I can; they dispose of the used oil with no effort; they might spot important problems with the car that I never would; and so on. Yes, I know how to change the oil if I absolutely must, but at this point there's no reason for me to do it myself. I'd rather spend that time doing something that only I can do, or that at least will build toward my bigger goals in life.

What do you insist on doing for yourself that, really, you should be letting someone else do for you? Why don't you ask for help?


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