15 February 2006

Terminal patients.

Let's consider something heavy for a minute: Every last one of us is a terminal patient. Each of us will check out of this life someday. Fine. But what if we put a sharper edge on this? What if you knew you had only 18 months before your appointment with the Reaper? What would you try to accomplish between now and then?

Would you do schlub-work? Busy-work? Cubicle-work?

Or something major?

There is nothing wrong per se with working in a cubicle. I do, and it helps my family to live comfortably. But how many of us are--when we're honest with ourselves--defined by the fact that we work in a cubicle? I certainly have been in the past, and it's an easy rut to return to.

As much as I can, I now guide myself toward doing big things. My own challenge now is to maintain that 18-months focus: what can I accomplish in the next year and a half that will change the world in some way that's meaningful to me? What can I do today that will help me get there?

Consider the example of David Lorenzo's friend, who used a cancer diagnosis to change his life for the better.

Friend, don't wait until it's too late.


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