16 February 2006

Why do we do what we do?

As he often does, Seth Godin provides great food for thought here: "The Reason".

We all do things--and we all accept things--for rationales that don't hold up to scrutiny. There's a practice in business called "zero base budgeting" (ZBB). The idea of it . . . (any MBAs in the room should cover their ears while I butcher this) . . . is that you write next year's budget starting with a zero for every line item. In other words, you must justify every single thing you put into the budget--salaries, photocopiers, styrofoam cups, big projects, little projects, you name it.

How often do we do any such thing for our own lives? What if applied ZBB to our bank statements? Or to our calendars? (Tom Peters: "You are your calendar.") As I think about the prospect of this, it's all I can do not to run screaming from the room. This suggests to me that it's probably a tack worth pursuing.

What do you think?


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