09 March 2006

"Secrets of Greatness: How I Work"

No, not me, but a dozen of the most accomplished people you'd hope to find, from Wynton Marsalis to Hank Paulson. This FORTUNE magazine spread presents the first-person thoughts of notables from various fields, who describe how they do their daily work. Some spend all day on the phone (Paulson often leaves 200 voicemails in a day, but has never used e-mail), others on the computer (Judge Richard Posner spends little time on the phone, but uses e-mail constantly, plus he blogs). The details differ from one person to another, but all have found ways to achieve great success in their work.

Secrets of Greatness: How I Work

Some highlights follow . . .

Bill Gross, the king of the bond industry: "You have to cut the information flow to a minimum level."

Wynton Marsalis: "To find a groove means practice, practice, and more practice."

Carlos Ghosn, who runs both Nissan and Renault: "I do not bring my work home. I play with my four children and spend time with my family on weekends."

A. G. Lafley of Procter & Gamble: "A key to staying calm is minimizing the information onslaught."

All of it is well worth reading.


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