09 March 2006

To-do lists.

I admire Tom Peters for his drive, his enthusiasm, and his resolute devotion to excellence. I think I identify with him as strongly as I do because I have a strong desire to give advice and help anywhere I think it might be helpful. Partly this feeds my own ego, but I do get enough repeat business to make me think that at least some of my words hit home. In any event, I read Peters's blog daily and can recommend it.

A while back I bookmarked this entry in the blog, and I keep coming back to it at intervals:

The Single Most Important Thing

It's about that old stand-by, the To-Do lists. Peters argues that a short and sweet daily To-Do list is of paramount importance for achieving one's goals. He thinks it's so important that he shouts his description of it: "THE ONE TOOL WHICH WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOUR CAREER."

On days when I give myself a very simple set of marching orders without much room for negotiation, I get a lot done. I also have too many days when I don't give myself that simple set of marching orders . . . with predictable results.


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